Pushing Forward


Pushing Forward is a BxG Sci-Fi Visual Novel. (Or maybe a crime thriller? I just don’t know.)

At the moment, all of this is programmer art, made with IICharacter (thanks to Kaoru for his Touhou Sprite Set)


Damien Brannagh: The protagonist: a college student, with a mysterious, shady job.



Mike Turner: Damien’s best friend, and housemate. Also a college student.



Laura Kendrick: Damien’s childhood friend and other housemate, bound to a wheelchair. (Although the sprite doesn’t show that.)



Stephanie Bannister: Damien’s friend from college, an energetic girl who seems perfectly normal.



Joanna Roper: Another friend from college, a fellow nerd with a quiet demeanour.



Chiara Greco: A mysterious woman, with an unhealthy interest in strangers and art.




I have no idea when I’m actually going to release this game, but I’m going to put up a demo on LemmaSoft, and I’m a long way through the script, currently approaching 130k words. An estimate for final length might be about 200-250k.



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