New Art, New Demo, New Script, NEW NEWNESS

We have new sprite art, new CG art, new BG art, new everything. Voice acting auditions are underway, and the script is approaching completion.

No-one cares about words, so here are some pictures:

New Sprites (in order): Chloe, Dominic, Josh, Stanley, “The Girl”

ChNo DoNoJoNo StNo EmNo


(Dump for a Lemma post)


A few new BGs:

forest office road

And finally, some teasers:

StanOpening JoshDoorway Operation



The Stroke of Midnight’s Kickstarter campaign has started, and the demo is live!

Check it all out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1182167272/the-stroke-of-midnight


Image Dump

Image dump for a lemma page.uN6dNjrJoSmEmSa



The first draft for Pushing Forward is finished, at 189403 words!

Yay! That’s all I have to say, I’m off to drink copious amounts!


Announcement: A New Game!

One of my side-projects has reached the point where I feel I can formally announce it.


Pushing Forward is a BxG Sci-Fi Visual Novel (I think.. once again, it doesn’t fit all that well in a genre.)

I’m not going to include loads of detail here, but a WIP page on lemmasoft should appear shortly, and I’ll link it. I also have a playable demo for this game, which makes a nice change, although it’s using programmer art as of now, as I’m yet to hunt for artists.



So, I’ve decided to do NanoReno this year. I’ve written a script, and need an image dump for my WIP page, so here we go!open

Shaking an Iron Hand is a short VN exploring the relationship between an AI and a human. I didn’t really want to do anything grandiose, so that’s about it. I have ideas for how to make it a little more interesting if I ever decide to revisit the idea, but for now I’m mostly just trying to actually get something finished and released.


Progress be happening.

Eventually, I’ll get into the hang of writing on here, but for now I reckon updates will continue to be sporadic.

However, I’ve gotten into a schedule, and the script is coming along smoothly. In addition, we have some sprite art to show off:emspritebash



Well, it’s been a while since I’ve put anything up here. Mostly I’ve been busy due to heading back to uni so I don’t have as much time to write, but I’ve still managed to get the interface to the game working and done a sizable chunk of editing, so things aren’t falling apart at least. I’ll hopefully get back into the swing of things soon.



With much difficulty, I’ve managed to program the interface for the detective sections of the game. I’ll probably start proper writing again tomorrow.



This is mainly just to test this thing out.
What to write… What to write…
Hmm… Nothing comes to mind…

I guess it would be something that relates to the group.
I know!

Mine is Spade
I call Dave Tipsy Ace
Kath is Big Sis
And Funchal doesn’t have one!

And yes this is totally random.
Gotta go!
Watching the latest episode of Tokyo Ghoul. I love this new anime.
And I can’t wait for the new episode of Terror in Resonance!